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SMS Storm


SMS Storm is PC application that allows the use of (send and receive) SMS messages from a desktop computer. The application uses standard GSM protocol over one of the HCP modems. The application supports all standard GMS networks providers and SIM cards.

It’s most interesting for users who want to use the option of SMS advertising without using expensive SMS services and subscriptions.

SMS Storm download installation

Major features:

Personalized SMS messages (using templates)
Delayed sending of messages (message scheduling)
Secure receive messages in real time (from GSM server even the program is not active)
Filter messages (by time or by contact)
Create a group of contacts in the phone book (send group messages sort by group)
Sending messages in different formats GSM7 and UCS2 (support special characters from languages)
Import and export to excel (.xls), and load the phonebook contacts from the SIM card
Change the language (Serbian and English) and change theme
Review the status of sent and received messages (DELIVERY REPORT)

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