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SMS Gateway

Sms Gateway

SMS Gateway is an application for software developers. This software is designed as a bridge between the device (HIT family) and the user-application for sending and receiving SMS messages.

Can be used for creating a new application or can be integrated with already existing application (web page, accounting program, small business software…) for adding SMS messages feature.

Running the program is possible without the device and then you can see the possibilities offered by this application. To use the program (send and receive messages) you need a device from »HCP-Hit« family and a code to unlock the program which is available after the purchase.

SMS Gateway can be downloaded here


Sent, Received, Reports
Sending messages in different formats (GSM7 and UCS2)


Windows setup (all versions of Win OS)
Portable version for Windows
Other OS version as JAVA application (Linux, OSX, SOLARIS)


Through the file system
Through the Socket communication

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