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Roadstar Plus


Roadstar Plus is tracking device based on GPS/GPRS technology. It’s fast and reliable solution for the vehicle/truck fleet management.


USB 2.0 Full speed up to 12 Mbps
4 Digital inputs – optoisolated
2 Digital outputs – optoisolated
1 Analoginput
SIM interface for 1.8/3V SIM cards
SMA antenna connector (female) for GSM
SMA antenna connector (female) for GPS

Major features:

USB interface supports multiple composite mode
and a Linux-/Mac- compliant mode
RLS Monitoring (Jamming detection)
Informal Network Scan
Integrated FOTA
hardware watchdog timer

GPRS module Java open platform:

Java™ profile IMP-NG & CLDC 1.1 HI
Secure data transmission with HTTPS/SSL
Multi-Threading programming and Multi-Application execution
5 MB RAM and 10 MB Flash File System

General Features:

- Gemalto Cinterion BGS5 module
GSM Quad-Band: 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 MHz 3GPP Release 6
SIM Application Toolkit, Class 3
Control via standardized and extended AT commands
TCP/IP stack access via AT commands and transparent TCP services
Secure Connection for client IP services
Internet Services TCP/UDP server/client, DNS, Ping, FTP client, HTTP client
Receiver : 66 search channels, 22 simultaneous tracking channels
Sensitivity :
Acquisition: -148dBm
Re-acquisition: -160dBm
Tracking: -165dBm
Time to first fix :
Cold start: 15s typ. @-130dBm
Warm start: 5s typ. @-130dBm
Hot start: 1s typ. @-130dBm
Position Accuracy : <2.5m CEP@-130dBm
Max Update Rate : Up to 10Hz
Velocity Accuracy : 0.1m/s
Acceleration Accuracy : 0.1m/s²
Dinamic performance:
Maximum altitude: 18,000m
Maximum velocity: 515m/s Maximum
Acceleration: 4G

Supply voltage range 8 - 30V
Integrated Li-Ion battery (option)
Dimension: 78 x 54 x 26 mm
Weight: approx. 160g
Operating Temperature Range: -30 °C to +75 °C
RoHS and REACH compliant

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